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About us

We are Visilang. Our goal is to make language learning fun! Because how much can you learn, if you don't have fun!

We are not about providing all that much content so fun, but just about organizing interesting content, music, videos and links for language learners. We have high ambitions to improve the site.



This is meant for finding music in a language you are learning. The music is preferably clear and well-pronounced.


This is meant for finding videos for or about a specific language. This can be either an entertaining or educative video.


This is meant for finding interesting links for language learning purpose.


The due improvements are:

  • Re-integration Users Control Panel
  • Subscription-based User management: Each user can subscribe as a contributor and a learner to offer more specific content and allow the user to contribute in e.g. their native language, but not Arabic.
  • Further improving UI of AdminCP
  • Verb conjugator
  • Live translation
  • Possibly a Yahoo Answers or Reddit-like part
  • Animal sounds page
  • Livemocha-like recordings system with user reviews
  • Integrate Tatoeba with Visilang
  • Re-program Quiz, Poll, Visilang


You can help by providing content for specific languages. We can use help for:

  • Adding/editing/updating Music clips for languages
  • Adding/editing/updating Videos for languages
  • Adding/editing/updating Tonguetwisters, Polls, Quizzes, News-items (real world language news?), Moderatorship
  • Helping us find new and better ideas for the site. What would be a good new feature?
  • Helping us find bugs throughout the site. (Currently not yet needed as the list of work is very high and we have some backlog)

You can also help develop using PHP/MySQL in the CakePHP environment. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please support us by promoting our articles via the social media.