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Google Translate

The first thing you should do when using Google Translate is accepting that it's flawed and full phrases are mostly mistranslated. For example:

  • You is always translated to usted, voi, vous, siz, sie in respectively Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish and German.
  • Your friend is always translated to "su amigo", "Ihren Freund", "arkadaşınız", "votre ami".
  • The tenses are taken very flexible.
  • In case a word has multiple meanings, often the wrong one is choosen.
  • Even simple sentences are often mistranslated. When there are many mistakes in a translation from Spanish to Dutch, most people will probably even prefer to read a better translated text to English or even try to understand the text in Spanish.
  • Often translations go via English. You can often recognize patterns of translations go via English. The Dutch "Je bent" is translated to German with "Sie sind", which makes no sense since both languages are closely related and "Du bist" is the one correct translation.
  • Sometimes Google does crazy things and translates simple 4-5 word phrases to insults in another language or completely irrelated things.
  • It is easy to spot Google Translations and the same mistranslations are repeated. After a few days, you can easily tell when somebody uses Google Translate in a language, based on these specific mistakes.

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