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German Links

These are the links we have for learning German. Please contact us via the contact form if you have suggestions for new links for us.

Link Categories

Deutsche Welle's German course
Canoo German dictionary
LEO bilingual German dictionaries
Verbix - Germanic languages: conjugate German verbs
Wikiedia (de) - Artikel (Wortart)
Wikipedia - German adjectives
Wikipedia - German pronouns
Media (radio, TV, books, etc.)
ARD Mediathek German TV and radio
Das Erste Mediathek German TV programs
ZDF Mediathek German TV
canoonet - Deutsche Grammatik, Online-Wörterbuch zu Rechtschreibung, Flexion und Wortbildung für d
Subreddit for learning German
Please send in your own links if you have recommendations by contacting us via the contact form.