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I have used Sharedtalk frequently and made friends from Spain and Latin America there for learning Spanish, although I now use Skype for writing and voice chatting with them. Sharedtalk has hundreds of people chatting simultaneously and there are definitely a lot of people at there not worth chatting to. Google Translate is very flawed. But "talking with natives" helped me learn Spanish from 0 to reasonable (able to have voice calls for hours). Sometimes (less and less) during a voice chat or during writing I check up a word via Google Translate. Individual words works better, Google Translate is just very fast. You don't have to bother the other person by spending 20 seconds finding a translation to their native language (Spanish).

Correcting others

It depends on the person! If you like somebody, just ask their IM contact details. Some people are active on language learning sites and actually would bother you correcting them too much. Most sharedtalk visitors are in actually not good language learners either, but you are only visiting to improve your own Spanish. If you meet some friendly people and they appreciate you correcting them, then do it! I normally on IM only correct mistakes that the other person makes regularly (still many daily) in order to make the other person not feel too bad.

After learning Spanish for 3 months, you would be able to have good discussions with natives and to make many phrases without mistakes, but how many phrases would be without errors? The path to fluency in any language is a long one.

General tips

  • Do not be insulted if people reject your chat requests.
  • Do not be afraid to terminate a chat conversation if you are not enjoying it or not liking *the other person.
  • Some people at sharedtalk are losers. It's a bit like the real world.
  • Have fun.
  • Chat with 2/3 people simultaneously.

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