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Dutch Lessons » Basic introduction of Dutch

The normal greetings are hallo and hoi.

Hello (formal) - Hallo
Hi (informal) - Hoi.

A simple conversation
English:   Hello, my name is Hans. What is your name?
Dutch:      Hallo, mijn naam is Hans. Wat is jouw naam?

English:  My name is Mike. Are you from Amsterdam?
Dutch:     Mijn naam is Mike. Kom je uit Amsterdam?

English:  No, I am from Rotterdam, but I live in Antwerpen.
Dutch:     Nee, ik kom uit Rotterdam, maar ik woon in Antwerpen.

wat = what
je = you
jouw = your
wonen = to live
mijn = my
naam = name
jouw = your
je = you
in = in

Introduction to Dutch (Video)

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