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Dutch Lessons » Conditional and Future Tenses in Dutch

The planned weekly Dutch lessons have continued :|.  2 months after lesson 1 we have lesson 2.

Dutch is sometimes considered to be a hard language, but I have good news for interested learners.

The future tense and the conditional tenses in Dutch are much easier than in other languages. There are no conjugations for the future and conditional tense.

Instead Dutch uses the verbs "zullen" and "zouden".

zullen - future tense.
zouden - conditional tense.

Example phrases with zouden
Nunca lo haría - Ik zou dat nooit doen.
Compraria un ferrari, si tendria dinero - Ik zou een Ferrari kopen, als ik geld had.

Sometimes the verb gaan ("to go") is used for the future tense.

Example phrases with gaan
Ik ga zwemmen.
Ik ga lopen met mijn hond.
Ik ga koken.

Example phrases with zullen
Ik zal stemmen op GroenLinks.
Ik zal de afwas doen.
Ik zal mijn huiswerk doen.
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