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Spanish Lessons » Monosyllable words with and without accents

Some monosyllable words have different meanings and functions depending if they have accent or not.

Aún still / aun even
give / de of, from
él he / el the
más more,plus / mas however
me / mi my
yes / si if
sólo only / solo alone
tea te / you (object)
you / tu your

Aún sigue estudiando Pedro, no se rinde aun cuando encuentra tantas dificultades.
Pedro is still studying, he doesn't give up even when he find so many difficulties.

Dé las llaves a Juan, son las llave de su coche.
Give the keys to Juan, they are the keys of his car.

Él ha cogido el coche para ir a la ciudad.
He took the car to go the city

El se esfuerza mucho más, mas no consigue resultados.
He strive much more, however he doesn 't get results

Dame a mí la carta, es mi carta.
Give me the letter, it is my letter

Sí, iré si hace buen tiempo.
Yes, I will go if there is good weather.

Do you want to take a tea?
¿Te quieres tomar un té?
Tú no debes olvidar tu libreta.
You shouldn't forget your notebook
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