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Turkish Links

These are the links we have for learning Turkish. Please contact us via the contact form if you have suggestions for new links for us.

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Basics of Turkish Grammar - Bob Cromwell The best way to learn Turkish, only 5-6 pages of well-explained Turkish grammar. So simple and good informative for both beginners and very advanced learners of Turkish!
Turkish - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Turkish via the University of Arizona
ingilizce sözlük : ingilizce türkçe sözlük : türkçe ingilizce sözlük
Nişanyan - Türkçe Etimolojik Sözlük
Türk Dil Kurumu - Büyük Türkçe Sözlük
Turkçe Zargan ingilizce sözlük, ingilizce türkçe cep sözlük
Turkish Dictionary
Foreign language learning
Codegurus.be - Turkije (De taal)
Teleac - Turks
Turks - Wikibooks
Türkçe (Turkish) - WordReference Forums
Turkish Class Forums
UniLang - Turkish
UniLang - Turkish for Beginners
Frequently Occurring Words in Turkish
Turkish Language - Personal Pronouns
Turkish verb | Future Perfect | Learn Turkish
Verbix - Turkic languages: conjugate Turkish verbs
Media (radio, TV, books, etc.)
BBC Turkce - Haberler
Kral Liste- Kral TV
Ücretsiz Müzik Dinle, İstediğini MP3 olarak indir / TTNET Müzik
Turkish Resources Suggestions - WordReference Forums
Learn Turkish Language | Teach yourself Turkish
Links 4 Languages - Turkish Links
Manisa Turkish - Descriptive Site Map
Manisa Turkish - Learn Turkish free
OnlineTurkish.com - Learn Turkish - Turkish Language Education - Online Dictionary - Travel Turkey
Turkish Class - Learn Turkish Language Online, with Free Turkish Lessons
Welkom - Talennet Turks
Turkish Translation
OnlineTurkishLessons Turkish lessons from our friend
Turkish Educational Videos | e Language School
Turkish Phrases and Common Sentences
Turkish/List of Verbs - Wikibooks
Please send in your own links if you have recommendations by contacting us via the contact form.