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Archives for 2012

The word "cheese" in various European languages


The word for "word" in European languages


A map of the Germanic, Romance, and Slavic language groups


A more in depth look at the language families of Europe


Word for wine in European languages.


Map showing the words used for beer across Europe


That's not old English, this is old English.


I have problems learning German :-(


Map of the languages in Europe


Linguistic map of the word "onion"


Linguist hitting on a girl, but keeping his priorities straight.


Very good example between long and short vowels in German


An Open-Source Map of the World's Languages.


Someone made a map full of syntax puns.


Map of the principal sign language families of the world.


The Speed of Language


A chart someone made that tracks the plural "you".


I hope you guys like a good joke.


The word for the "cucumber” in various European languages.


The word for the fruit "orange" in various European languages.


When I grow up I want to be a linguist! ... said no one ever :-(


Page from a multilingual phrase book compiled for Elizabeth I of England.


What languages are hardest for English speakers to learn?


Language learning, just for this one thing


Google Translate Page


Online Dutch Lessons - Second lesson online


Holland vs the Netherlands


Dutch language lessons on Youtube


Grammar Police.. they never let up


User authentication improvements


For anybody that wants to learn the differences between Asian languages


American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages


Quotes about English


Sometimes Google Translate causes miscommunication


Well that's easy to remember.


European Linguistics Map


What should we call this thing?


India Language Map


Pick-up line Alphabet


Daddy, what is promiscuous?


Vanilla Sex


Learn Japanese: Weather in Japanese (sunny, cloudy, snowy..)


First Dutch lesson in Spanish


The development of the Latin alphabet


New features, updates, etc


It seems I am addicted to maps!


Ah, German...


This is one of those peculiarities of the English language that has never made any sense to me.


Simple tree showing the evolution of the first person singular pronoun ("I").


Simplifying English


Like, Like, Like.


Technical updates this week


American pronounciation


English idiom: "Shooting Fish In The Barrel, Why Is It That?"


Language Map of the World


A Dutch song about everlasting love


Coming to America


Katherine Tate also speaks 7 languages


Funny Language Images


Supergirl speaks seven languages


Russell Peters - Speaking Other Languages


Good birthday present for me *hint*


I can somewhat relate to this


Google Translate


5 Must-See TED Talks on Language


Steven Pinker on language and thought


Did you know this about English?


Shakespeare: Original pronunciation of English


A gif showing the development of languages in the Iberian peninsula (and Southern France)


Awesome linguistics club


My mind often drifts while I use Rosetta Stone


I just realized


People who can speak 2 languages are smarter


I guess you could say the mood changed


Lyrics, Language pages, User registration system


Layout has been changed!




Visilang using Cakephp




Happy New Year




Planned improvements




Visilang system online and kicking


Lessons, Tongue Twisters and Resources




Visilang online